At a glance

There is quite a bit to see and do in Oxford depending on your time, budget and interests. Here is a brief overview.

I. Colleges
College Oxford University is a collegiate university comprising of 38 colleges and 6 permanent private halls. Unlike most universities, the concept of a "campus" does not exist. University, college and departmental buildings and residences are dotted all around town. No visit to Oxford is complete without visiting at least a couple of colleges. The origin of some of these colleges date as far back as the 10th century to as new as the 20th century.

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II. Museums
Museum in Oxford For the museum lover, Oxford has a lot to offer. Right from the world-famous Ashmolean to the Pitt Rivers museum, Oxford houses a priceless collection of objects, from archaeological findings to cultural artefacts.

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III. People
People The face of Oxford changes rapidly, yet remains very cosmopolitan largely attributable to the huge flux of international students and academics who live and sojourn here.

IV. Food
Market in Oxford Thanks to the fairly diverse taste of the "residents", Oxford has an eclectic mix of cuisines to offer. There is plenty to choose from: British, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, Thai, Greek, Spanish, Japanese, ...the list is endless.

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V. Shopping
Shopping in Oxford Apart from the well-established high street shops and souvenir shops, Oxford boasts of many weekly local markets offering lots of fresh produce, antiques, trinkets and food.

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