Oxford has numerous world-class museums. Collections have either been donated or acquired during research by members of the University. The best part is that admission is free to most University run museums. However, a token donation would benefit the running of these marvelous institutions. And if the weather goes south, there is no better place to hide than a warm museum!

I. Ashmolean Museum
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford The Ashmolean Museum is the University's museum of art and archaeology and is the world's oldest university museum. It was originally located on Broad Street, within the current Museum of History of Science. As the size of the collections grew, the museum relocated to its current location on Beaumont Street in 1845. Originally housing the collection of Elias Ashmole, its current repertoire includes priceless paintings, archaeological findings, silver and fine art. Ashmolean Museum online

II. Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History, Oxford Located on Parks Road, this impressive neo-Gothic building displays the University's collection of natural specimens – zoological, entomological and geological. One of the highlights is the Oxford Dodo - the remains of the now extinct Dodo. It is well worth a visit if you have the time. No doubt you will not leave without learning something new about the amazing natural world around you. Museum of Natural History online

III. Pitt Rivers Museum
Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford Pitts Rivers museums is a treasure trove of ethnographic objects from around the world. The collection is both overwhelming and astonishing. Popular exhibits include real shrunken human heads and totem poles. Pitt Rivers museum is located behind the Museum of Natural History and can be accessed through the Natural History Museum. There is no separate entrance.

Pitt Rivers Museum online

IV. Museum of History of Science
Museusm of History of Science, Oxford The building housing the Museum of History of Science was the original site of the Ashmolean Museum and is now referred to as "Old Ashmolean". This museum has a fine collection of mathematical, physical, astronomical and scientific instruments from various periods. This includes a large collection of astrolabes and microscopes. The museum is located on Broad Street.

Museum of History of Science online

V. Museum of Oxford
Museum of Oxford Oxford is not just the University. Oxford, the city, existed long before the University. This museum gives you an idea of the long history of Oxford. It is located adjacent to the Town Hall (worth a visit) on St Aldate's and is the only museum in this list which is not run by Oxford University. It is largely managed by volunteers.

Museum of Oxford online

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