Photo spots

If you like old architecture and impeccable gardens, there are plenty of photo opportunities in Oxford. Some of the usual favourites are listed here.

I. Radcliffe Square
Radcliffe Square, Oxford The Radcliffe Camera is an iconic Oxford building. 'Camera' in latin means room. It is actually one large circular room with a spectacular dome. It is now part of the Bodleian library. Unfortunately, only members of the University with access to the library are allowed inside. But that doesn't stop one from taking a photo with this beautiful building in the background with optionally All Souls College or St Mary's Church.

II. Hertford Bridge (Bridge of Sighs)
Hertford Bridge (Bridge of Sighs), Oxford The arched and covered Hertford Bridge over New College Lane connects two Hertford College buildings and is more popularly known as the "Bridge of Sighs" since it seems to be similar to the "Bridge of Sighs" in Venice. The Bridge over New College Lane is another location for a classic Oxford shot.

III. Punting
Punting It requires a bit of skill and practice to get a punt going in a straight line. If you manage to go punting, a shot of the Oxford skyline in the background from Christ Church meadow or Magdalen bridge will definitely be something to remember.

IV. Christ Church: Dining Hall and Tom Quad
Christ Church, Oxford If you are a Harry Potter fan, you certainly do not want to miss the famous Christ Church dining hall. Alternatively, you could take a shot from the stairs that lead to the hall or even Tom Quad.

V. College quad, garden and cloister
Cloister in Oxford No visit to Oxford is complete without a visit to at least one college. And if you are a shutter bug, you might want to visit a college with a nice quad or cloister (New College or Magdalen College). College gardens and lawns are also equally pretty spots.

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