Would you like to go to the bod or a bop? Steeped in tradition, over the years, numerous phrases and words have originated that you would probably not hear anywhere else. Even a seasoned Oxonian would have trouble figuring out what they mean. These are some terms that you might come across.

I. Quad
A quad in Oxford Short for quadrangle. A rectangular courtyard around which you will find college buildings. Most have a nice green lawn in the middle.

II. Bod
Bodleian Library, Oxford Short for the Bodleian library, Oxford principal library and one of the oldest in the world.

III. Porter
College porter, Oxford Generic term for a college guard. Definitely not for carrying luggage. Usually found in the porter's lodge at the entrance to a college and the first point of contact when you are at a college.

IV. Don
A college tutor.

V. Subfusc
Subfusc The official dress of an Oxford student: dark suit, white bow tie, gown and mortar-board worn for matriculations, exams and degree ceremonies.

You may also come across:
  1. The High: High Street
  2. The Broad: Broad Street
  3. High Table: The elevated part of the dining table where fellows of a college dine
  4. Sent down: expelled; come up: arrive as a student; go down: leave as a student
  5. Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity: The three terms of the Oxford academic year