Quite a lot of people end up buying something to remember the trip. Quite a lot of people end up buying University/College products like sweatshirts and t-shirts. However there is much more Oxford can offer, including the legendary Blackwell's shop on Broad Street and the museums.

I. Gargoyle
Gargoyle in Oxford Gargoyles are grotesque carvings that adorn many old Oxford college buildings. Keep an eye out for the seven sins gargoyles if you visit New College (New College Lane or Holywell Street (winter)). You can buy miniature gargoyle carvings, fridge magnets and post cards.

II. College souvenirs
Oxford college scarf The numerous colleges in Oxford have their own crests which adorn college clothing - T-shirts, sweat shirts, ties, wool scarves, cufflinks, etc. You can buy these at never-ending stretch of souvenir shops along Broad Street. For some of the old favourites try Shepherd and Woodward on High Street.

III. University souvenirs
Oxford University sweatshirt While college themed souvenirs seem to be popular among members of the University who have college affiliations, visitors generally prefer University themed memorabilia including T-shirts, sweatshirts, calendars, postcards, etc. Again, there are numerous shops along Broad Street, George Street and High Street that offer all these in all kinds of quality and size. For some officially endorsed products of the University you could visit the Oxford University Shop on High Street.

IV. Museum shops: Ashmolean, Natural History Museum
Museum shop For museums fanatics you could buy miniatures, models and postcards from the many museums in Oxford including Ashmolean, Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Oxford.

V. Paintings/drawings/post cards
Alice's shop, Oxford Paintings, drawings, prints, post cards can also be purchased from many souvenir shops that dot the city. For a change and some history it might be worth visiting Alice's shop (St Aldates, opposite entrance to Christ Church meadow) with the unmissable red signboard or Blackwell's bookshop on Broad Street. Alice in Lewis Carol's (real name Charles Dodgson) "Alice in Wonderland" was based on a real-life character - Alice Liddell, a daughter of Henry Liddell, the Dean of Christ Church when Charles Dodgson was at Christ Church first as a student and then as a lecturer. The old sheep shop in "Alice Through the Looking-Glass" is based on Alice's shop.