Most leading supermarket chains have stores in town.

Supermarkets in Oxford
  1. Mark and Spencers: A large M&S store can be found along Queen Street and a small one at the Oxford train station.
  2. Sainsbury's: A large Sainsbury's is located within the Westgate shopping centre on Queen Street. A small store can is located at Eastgate on Magdalene Street.
  3. Tesco: For quite a while a Tesco was absent from the city centre. However there is a large Tesco now along Magdalene Street and a smaller one at the corner of St Aldate's and Speedwell Street
  4. Cooperative: The Midcounties Cooperative have a store on Walton Street in Jericho.
  5. Debenhams: A large Debenhams store is located at the corner of Magdalene Street and George Street.

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