Oxford hosts many local an visiting productions, which are accommodated in a multitude of venues around the city.

I. Sheldonian Theatre
Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford Sheldonian theatre on Broad Street an architectural jewel that was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. It is largely used for University ceremonies including matriculation and graduation. The painted roof is also a spectacle. The theatre is also open to the public at certain times and hosts performances and shows. The upper level seating can sometimes be quite uncomfortable.

II. Holywell Music Room
Holywell Music Room, Oxford Holywell Music Room is the City of Oxford's chamber music hall. It is thought to be oldest purpose built music room in Europe and also the oldest concert hall in England. The Music Room is on Holywell Street.

III. Oxford Playhouse
Oxford Playhouse, Oxford The Oxford Playhouse on Beaumont Street is the stage for numerous plays and live performances and hosts a wide range of shows all year round. Notable former students of the University who have performed here include Rowan Atkinson, Michael Palin and Dudley Moore.

IV. New Theatre
New Theatre, Oxford The New Theatre, or rather a theatre, has been on this site for almost 170 years and was rebuilt and refurbished several times. The current New Theatre has a seating capacity of 1800 and is the leading theatre in Oxford. It hosts major productions all year round inculding the Welsh National Opera, English National Ballet as well as plays, musicals and pop concerts. It is located on George Street.

V. College chapels, cloisters, quads and gardens
Oxford College College premises are often used for choir performances, open-air plays and public events.

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